BaklaŽanas RAW Berlin 2018 — rethinking russian avantgarde
Studierende des Projektbüros
↦  Betreut von »Studio Baklažanas« ↦  Workshop, 2018

»Baklažanas is a nomadic design studio focusing on visual branding and communication design for cultural, educational and governmental institutions. For us, design is a continuous communication. Our art direction aims to engage our clients in the process that not only communicates what they want but clarifies what they are.« 

Wir starteten den Workshop mit einem Brainstorming bezüglich Vorurteilen und Klischees Russlands. Daraus entwickelten die Teilnehmer Plakatideen, die für die Russian Art Week in Berlin werben sollten. 

»RAW Berlin focuses on Russian avant-garde art and culture and aims to introduce Russian avant-garde art to European public and become a centre of contemporary art discussion where exhibitions, events, conferences, art world talks offered by various artists and institutions are taking place around Berlin.« → Baklažanas

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