Einblick/Ausblick 2020Jahresausstellung der Muthesius Kunsthochschule


Kristin Neve & Hannes Fleckstein

  • Masterprojekt, Sommerstemester 2019
  • Prof. A.Dreyblatt

Transcription of the eponymous sound art work.

  1. In collaboration with Kristin Neve. Transcription of the eponymous sound art work.. ISBN 978-3-943763-80-5

»The artist's publication is the transcription of the eponymous sound art work for which Hannes Fleckstein recorded conversations with people who are on the fringes of society through the consumption of alcohol or drugs in Kiel Gaarden. Just like the soundtracks, the writing is fragmented and superimposed. Through the readable excerpts the viewer only gets an atmospheric impression of the content but cannot decipher it completely. Only by opening the bag it is possible to access the contained sheets. This symbolises the intrusion into the private sphere of the people depicted in the work. The leaves can be folded into a sheet. While a white border at the top and left side marks the beginning, there is no recognisable end.« Photograps and text by Kristin Neve

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