Einblick/Ausblick 2020Jahresausstellung der Muthesius Kunsthochschule

Stadtklima: Blue Sky Project

Lin, Szu-Yu

  • Bachelorprojekt, Wintersemester 2019/2020
  • Prof.in Dr. Bettina Möllring, Dipl. Des. Meike Beyer, Sabine Schlüter

3-meters-height resting places in the cities

4.6million people were died from causes attributable to air pollution
each year . In spite of the importance of air pollution, it is hard to
aware of that. So I designed cabins for urban residents to
rediscover the beauty of the blue sky. Cabins are decorated with
blue pantones of the most beautiful sky in Kiel. People could take a
rest inside and see through the window to sense the color change
of the sky.

Kontakt: seeyoufromtaiwan@gmail.com