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Abschlussarbeit / SS21

Betreut von: Prof. Markus Huber

Storyboard, 128 Seiten, DIN A4; Graphic Novel, 58 Seiten, Text und Zeichnung, DIN A3, Fineliner auf Papier, digitale Kolorierung; Buchobjekt, 17x24cm, vierfarbig, Hardcover

» Sibylla ­- Das Leben von Maria Sybilla Merian «

— Andrei Damian

I came upon Maria Sibylla Merian about 3 years ago, while reading a book about exploration and discovery called „Voyages of Discovery: Three Centuries of Natural History Exploration“ by Anthony Rice. At the time, I was interested in how to make sense of new creatures through illustration. The work of Merian is undeniably gorgeous, especially for something that was considered cutting edge in the scientific sense. But perhaps, above all, she stood out to me as the only woman included in the book.
Maria Sibylla Merian lived in the 17th century. She was a passionate entomologist and would become famous for her research about metamorphosis in butterflies. At that time, the world was very superstitious and would associate many insects with the Devil’, thus shunning any interest in their study. Back then women were trialed for witchcraft and would be executed to appease the population, with little chance to defend themselves. So it was difficult for Merian to openly work on her passion.