Einblick/Ausblick 2020Jahresausstellung der Muthesius Kunsthochschule


Johanna Klüsener, Anastasia Marx, Christian An

  • freies Projekt, Wintersemester 2019/2020

Lose Blattsammlung, gefalzt

It has to be nice and clean - In the 19-part drawing series "Asepsis" Christian An designs a fictional world of actors who are cultically obsessed with cleanliness and who he plays through in various scenes and scenarios. Behind the initially humorous appearance, questions on current issues such as dogmatism, collective identifications and hierarchical affiliation are critically reflected.

We developed a concept to assemble the drawings in a fragmented, loose leaf collection. The religious-styled atmosphere of the pictures is represented by a gothic-print font and the altar-style folded cover. The choice of paper types for the cover and inner part focuses on the cleanliness and sterility in the cold white room, in which the figures act. The appearance of the protagonists' cleaning tools is supported by the spongy cover material in combination with the blue rubber band.

Kontakt: behance.net/AnastasiaMarx and behance.net/johannaklu21a0